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Here our goal is to shine the light on the true essence of what brings a Lifting Culture to life. YOU! That's right, YOU are that essence! Because you constantly strive to improve yourself each and every day, our Lifting Culture stays alive! This never-ending project intends to share your WHY with our culture that we love and lift for! Once again, THANK YOU for being that essence!

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Meet Ron Torrance II

CrossFit Athlete / Sports Medicine Physician / Volleyball

1. How long have you been lifting?

  • I have been lifting since my father took me to Optimum Performance Training Inc. (OPTI) in Florida when I was 15. My father always wanted to give me an edge in any of the sports that I played (Baseball, Basketball, Beach Volleyball, and Football). Being the oldest of three boys I always remember that he would spend the little extra money he had on his three sons. I am eternally grateful for this.

2. Why do you lift?

  • I started lifting to help make me stronger and more explosive. I continue to lift because I love to stay functionally fit and be ready for any challenge that life can throw at me. Abraham Lincoln said, "I will study and prepare myself, and one day my chance will come." I change that around to, "I lift to prepare myself, and one day my chance will come."

3. How does lifting influence other areas of your life, outside the gym?

  • Lifting helps me to be the best human that I can be. I am regularly faced with adversity in the weight room, persevering through these challenges teaches me the value of mental toughness. Being mentally strong is an undervalued characteristic that allows me to finish some of the most daunting tasks and never, ever quit.

4. What are some of your other hobbies or passions besides lifting?

  • I enjoy helping people get back to living, loving, and lifting! As a Sports Medicine Physician, I want all people to live pain free, love every day, and lift as frequently as they want!! I also enjoy to play beach volleyball and any other outdoor activity.

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