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Here our goal is to shine the light on the true essence of what brings a Lifting Culture to life. YOU! That's right, YOU are that essence! Because you constantly strive to improve yourself each and every day, our Lifting Culture stays alive! This never-ending project intends to share your WHY with our culture that we love and lift for! Once again, THANK YOU for being that essence!

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Meet Luke Rhodes!

CrossFit Athlete / (NFL) COLTS Snapper / Xbox & Family

1. How long have you been lifting?

  • I’ve been lifting for 13 years.

2. Why do you lift?

  • I’ve been into sports since I was able to run. Coming from a huge family that all played or was currently playing sports, I knew that’s what I wanted to do. Training became habit after I started seeing results in my athletic career. It was a way to keep me at my best and at least give me an opportunity to get a step up on my competition! Since high school, training has been something more than just training for my sport, but a way to better my daily quality of life and my overall fitness!

3. How does lifting influence other areas of your life, outside the gym?

  • My fiancé and I go to the gym together every chance we get, our day is typically planned around what time to eat and hit the gym, but it also allows us the opportunity to do active things outside the gym. For example, when we travel to new places it’s always looking for where we can hike or what can we do outside? Also, the grind that comes with working out and pushing yourself past what is comfortable with your body and mind, gives me the ability to do the same outside in daily life.

4. What are some of your other hobbies or passions besides lifting?

  • My hobbies outside of working out would include: traveling with my fiancé around the world, I love to be on the beach. Always excited about new movies coming out in theaters, or video games on the Xbox. And spending time with my large family and great group of friends is really important!

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