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Here our goal is to shine the light on the true essence of what brings a Lifting Culture to life. YOU! That's right, YOU are that essence! Because you constantly strive to improve yourself each and every day, our Lifting Culture stays alive! This never-ending project intends to share your WHY with our culture that we love and lift for! Once again, THANK YOU for being that essence!

Every month we feature a new athlete. Want to be featured?

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Meet Rachel LoBianco!

Fitness / Roller Derby / Biking

1. How long have you been lifting?

  • I've been lifting for 4 years!

2. Why do you lift?

  • I started lifting during the off season of Roller Derby to gain strength and maintain endurance. I eventually ditched the skates for a barbell!.

3. How does lifting influence other areas of your life, outside the gym?

  • Lifting has definitely made me more conscious of what I eat; I have cut back on crushing pizzas on the reg.

4. What are some of your other hobbies or passions besides lifting?

  • I love bike riding, both street and mountain. Its always good to unplug and try a technical skill with friends!

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