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Here our goal is to shine the light on the true essence of what brings a Lifting Culture to life. YOU! That's right, YOU are that essence! Because you constantly strive to improve yourself each and every day, our Lifting Culture stays alive! This never-ending project intends to share your WHY with our culture that we love and lift for! Once again, THANK YOU for being that essence!

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Meet Jen Campanelli!

CrossFit Athlete / Paddle-boarder / Dog Lover

1. How long have you been lifting?

  • I have been lifting for 3 years.

2. Why do you lift?

  • I played volleyball in college and upon graduation, felt a void in my life in terms of what I did to stay in shape. I tried the regular gym routine but didn't love that, and finally found Crossfit and lifting. I've stuck with it ever since.

3. How does lifting influence other areas of your life, outside the gym?

  • I've made so many great friends and met so many wonderful people through Crossfit and lifting. It's allowed me to live an active lifestyle and participate in events I never would have competed in before, like Wodapalooza. It's also introduced me to weightlifting as a sport, which I'm getting into currently (I just competed in my first meet as a novice lifter in August). It's really gotten me out of my comfort zone!

4. What are some of your other hobbies or passions besides lifting?

  • Aside from Crossfit and lifting, I enjoy heading to the beach or paddleboarding in the summer and going hiking with my pup! I like to do anything outside, either with friends, with my dog or sometimes even just by myself to clear my head.

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