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Here our goal is to shine the light on the true essence of what brings a Lifting Culture to life. YOU! That's right, YOU are that essence! Because you constantly strive to improve yourself each and every day, our Lifting Culture stays alive! This never-ending project intends to share your WHY with our culture that we love and lift for! Once again, THANK YOU for being that essence!

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Meet Bruce Cargill

Olympic Weightlifter/ Youth Athlete

1. How long have you been lifting?

  • I have been lifting for sport training purposes for around 7 years, and have been strictly weightlifting for about 8 months.

2. Why do you lift?

  • The competitive nature of the I lift because it gives me an opportunity to forget about anything bad that is going on in my life, and just focus on bettering myself. is addicting.

3. How does lifting influence other areas of your life, outside the gym?

  • Lifting has impacted my life in a very positive way. It helps me find my weaknesses and learn how I can work on improving them. It has changed my mindset when it comes to hitting setbacks. They’re bound to happen, but it’s how you come back from setbacks that defines you as a lifter, but more importantly as a person.

4. What are some of your other hobbies or passions besides lifting?

  • I played soccer for around 14 years, in high school, with club teams, and into college. It is still a big part of my life.

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