Lifting Culture

There's something about the phenomena of moving iron. So much so that it has created a culture we simply cannot live without; a Lifting Culture

The Idea Behind The Madness

The idea that sparked Lifting Culture was something that slowly developed over time, but at the same time transpired overnight. I have been immersed in the fitness world for plenty of years, constantly striving to improve myself. Lifting was just something I did. Something that was as important as sleep, if not more important. So randomly one night during my ritual meditation before going to sleep, a thought overwhelmed my attention. It was the idea that many of us fitness-interested individuals are all interacting and making decisions within a similar framework. That is the framework I call Lifting Culture

Significance of "LOVE Park"

"On the drawing board in 1682, the area that was to become known as LOVE Park, stood at the center of William Penn's City of Brotherly Love. His vision would soon attract settlers from around the world drawn by Penn's notions of tolerance, design, and community."(

LOVE Park is a staple of Philadelphian culture. From settlers to skateboarders, the location is much more than a creative logo. The Lifting Culture design and philosophy fully embraces the notions of tolerance, design, and community. At Lifting Culture we believe that in order to meet one's goals and succeed, one must tolerate negative influences both physically and psychologically. We must tolerate the truth that although this journey is both extensive and difficult, it is well worth it. Lifting Culture not only appreciates an expressive design in our product but also in how we structure our lives and workouts. As athletes, we dedicate much of our time to this methodical task in order to get the most from our training. And of course, community is what makes us who we are. A culture is nothing without its believers, and we sure as hell believe in what we do. 

Style & Quality 

At Lifting Culture we wanted to sell a shirt that was something that we wanted to wear inside and outside the gym. We wanted to offer a high quality, stylish shirt that was comfortable throughout any physical task, but also a product that provided the head-turning, mirin' quality that will make any of your friends and followers be jealous of. Our product might guarantee PR's, it might not, thats up to you to find out. What we do know is it sure as hell looks good and feels good. 

"You Made Us!"

We did not create Lifting Culture simply to take your money and run. We wanted to create something incredibly valuable, a product that you hang up instead of folding, a product that you might wash every night just so you can train in it the next day, a product that you genuinely may claim you love. But in all honesty, we did not create or make anything, "You Made Us!" All we did was give a title to something we all created, something we all participated in. We recognized that each and every one of us dedicated, and are still dedicating, grand time and effort into making ourselves into greater individuals, mentally and physically. Without your effort, without your failures and successes, we would be nothing. Health, fitness, and lifting would be nonexistent. You all are the fabric which binds the culture we all live, love, and lift for. We are a Lifting Culture, and...

...we thank you for this!

                                                                    -Steven Vitale Jr.  CEO

                                                                    -Steven Vitale Jr. CEO