Women's Classic Logo Crop (Nomad)

Why nomad? Inside the lift logo is a topographic pattern which is a detailed map of surface elevation features. These features include mountains, hills, valleys, lakes, oceans, rivers, cities, dams, and roads. All these features on the face of it appear as obstacles in our way. The nomad sees these features as opportunities for growth and exploration.

A nomad has no boundaries. Their map of the world is drawn by unforeseen adventures sparked by bold curiosity. Their lives thrive in the unknown. The nomad strives for more and actively seeks challenges. He or she constantly tests their surroundings in order to discover who they are and what they can truly be.

We are excited to introduce a new style crop offering an ideal fit for all. Without being too snug or loose, this crop features a relaxed construction with dropped shoulders and uniquely assigned crop-length for each size. Your new adventures await you…

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