Holding true to our values…

Lifting Culture started with the one premise to give back to and uphold our culture of fitness. As we grew, we realized we could utilize our platform as a way to extend our interests past the world of fitness. From small town family relief funds, to world wide natural disasters, we have been lucky enough to have raise $31,950 in donation funding. 100% of the profits from each item sold was donated.
These are our stories…

"اتحدوا كواحد" - UNITED AS ONE



In August of 2020, G-City CrossFit, a small Crossfit gym owned by Jenai Gonzales, was bombed. Due to the large gay-pride flag hanging on the door where the bomb was placed and other factors, this crime is being investigated as a hate crime. They are a known safe-haven in the area for LGBTQ youth. The owners themselves, many members, and several coaches are also gay. Yet, this facility is also home to people of all ages, ethnicities, and gender identities.

The LIFT WITH PRIDE design aligns itself with the message of equality and acceptance. Our goal is that these shirts will carry this vision with them wherever you wear them. With this release we were able to donate $300 directly to the It Gets Better Project & G-City CrossFit .

Black Lives Matter

At Lifting Culture we believe in freedom.We believe that black lives matter.We strive for a better future and a culture that is free from racism and hatred.We stand up today and every day for equality. The design sheds light on the idea that silence is not the answer and we need to take an actionable approach to listen and learn about racial injustices that are still very much alive.Our first pre-order raised $7,250 which was donated to the Black Lives Matter Global Network.

After being featured in The Morning Chalk Up for our first pre-order, we launched a second one which allowed us to donate $1,150.00 to the Black Lives Global Network raising our accumulative total donated to BLMGN to $8,400.00.

Australia Bushfires Relief

During the 2020 Australia bushfires, we raised and donated $7,500 to Red Cross Australia. This donation supported thousands of people in emergency evacuation centers and recovery hubs across Australia, in addition to providing cash grants to people who have lost their homes.

After studying for my Masters in Australia for close to two years I made relationships with people there and gained an appreciation for the country. I personally owed it to both my friends and everyone who was affected by this terrible disaster.

Bahamas Hurricane Relief

In September of 2019, category 5 Hurricane Dorian (now regarded as the worst natural disaster in our country's history) caused mass flooding and destruction to the islands of The Bahamas.

During this catastrophic time, we raised and donated $5,000 to Yacht Aid Global, providing Emergency Relief Kits in the form of necessary supplies like food, tarps, hygiene kits, and medicine, in addition to longer-term recovery assistance to help residents.

Puerto Rico Hurricane Relief

In September of 2017, category 5 Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico, and at the time was regarded as the worst natural disaster in recorded history and the deadliest Atlantic hurricane since Jeanne in 2004.

During this catastrophic time, we raised and donated $1,500 to UNICEF USA, providing Emergency Relief Kits which contained basic, essential supplies such as water purification tablets, water containers, soap, toothpaste, detergent and sanitary pads. The supplies helped children and their families keep clean and healthy, protecting them from diseases that could have occurred after the loss of equipment and infrastructure and the disruption of a safe water supply.

Down Syndrome Awareness

For 6 years in a row, we raised a cumulative total of $6,875.00 to donate to GiGi's Playhouse for Down Syndrome Awareness. Ted Dreaver, owner of CrossFit Iron Legion, started a gym in his backyard and slowly built it into what it is today: a community of friends and family who have come together to not only support and inspire one another’s fitness journeys, but their lives as a whole.

His daughter Kiera was born with Down syndrome. “What initially scared him turned into a blessing because he realized there is no better community of love and support for her to grow up in.” Each year, on National Down Syndrome Day, Iron Legion holds “Down For Donuts”, a functional fitness competition, at his gym in Ocala, Florida and donates 100% of proceeds to GiGi’s Playhouse in Gainesville, Florida.